how many pictures of libra do you have saved on your computer?

oh my god. i was curious too so i counted and. 43 of them were not mine but i might’ve missed some (mostly game screencaps/icons/references/pics of libra by other people who i save b/c i wanna draw libra like they do). if we’re counting my own drawings i have drawn libra roughly 120 times so far with most of them being on my computer, sooooo


Summer clothes

Straight from the scanner, wowee


I finally started playing this game :^o


I finally started playing this game :^o

why team libr a when team gaiuS/ally amirit e

team libra/lyle is superior i am sad 2 say. it would consider combining teams though. mAYbe

Need Couch - Washington, DC



so. hi. i feel really terrible about this but i kind of have to make this post again, bc my situation has suddenly been put on a timetable (even moreso than before)

my name’s jane, i’m a 20 y/o nb trans girl, and i really need a place to stay long-term (upwards of a year or more) within the next 4-6 months

my home situation rn is Bad on a lot of levels, i’ve posted about it before and i don’t really want to describe it in detail again but the point is my situation is super dangerous and abusive, to the point where my life tends to be at risk sometimes. on top of that my mom’s job situation has gotten p bad and she’s probably going to be transferring to florida, and if i’m still living w/ her then that would make moving anywhere else in the country instantly 4000x harder and more expensive

which is inconvenient bc i have very little cash, and i cannot guarantee i will be able to secure a job due to mental illness/mental disability/physical disability/the fact that i’m a trans girl

i don’t need v much space, i don’t eat a lot, i try my best to be quiet and out of the way, and i can do all the cleaning; i also have some games and a nice desk and maybe a tv i could take w/ me - i can’t offer v much outside of that tho i’m sorry

i can probably cover the cost of bus fare and moving and stuff depending on how far i have to go

i cannot and will not be able to drive due to disabilities, so i kind of need to be in a city or somewhere w/ public transit

i’m not able to stay in a house w/ cis men, parents, or large/excitable animals

i’m willing to move basically anywhere but like. im really scared ok when i do this its probably going to be a one-shot thing i don’t have the money to move two times i barely have enough to move at all, i just. i need something stable im so scared if i end up homeless i dont think im going to be. around for v long. i’ll go anywhere i just need it to be. safe and stable and know that im not going to have to look for a new place as soon as i get there

but yeah so. if u have like extra room in ur apartment or something and want to help me out u can contact me via my tumblr (laserlightcannon) or my email (

(again im really sorry about this, i feel like such trash this is like, the third time i’ve made this post wow haha, i’m sorry)

i know i have lots of followers in the DMV area… please signal boost this

please love yourself and vote team libra

i would never vote otherwise. celia knows where it’s at

who is libra and why not gaius

ally there is no point getting on anon u are about as well disguised as team rocket


Stoked for Lucina and Robin in SSB4!


Stoked for Lucina and Robin in SSB4!




Hi, I’m Cheryl. I’m an 18 year old disabled trans woman with an emotionally abusive abusive family that I recently left because they were really close to making me try to kill myself again, and because of that I am now homeless. I’m currently staying with a friend but I don’t know how long she’s going to let me stay. Really need somewhere I can stay for at least a year. I’m currently unemployed so I can’t help pay rent but I have about 600 dollars I can use to pay for food and stuff until I have an income. I’m not comfortable living with non-trans-women. I can probably get anywhere in Michigan and areas surrounding Michigan so…yea.

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