I love Muffy!!



I love Muffy!!




Title: Over here!!

Morgans: Yay!

(Right side:) DAMN YOUUUU….

(Pointing Arrow:) Pitfall

holy shit, where I am is also 4 AM :O (going as anon because i'm shy)

we should both be sleeping omg no one should be awake at death o’clock. if you do get any sleep tonight/morning i hope u have nice dreams hehe

realizing it’s 4am and ur still in jeans and never changed into pajama pants is the WORST

it’s 4am and i should be sleeping but all i can do is sit here wide awake w/ an intense desire to talk about fire emblem and no idea where to start. i could talk about fire emblem till the end of time, maybe,

(almosts forgets to rearrange eir queue so ey don’t end up posting seven pics of libra in a row) i’m a quality blogger

Palette 4 with Libra from Fire Emblem!



Actual Disney Princess Libra carrying towels and feeling the breeze

no armour because that’s ridiculous

littlelonlibrathings: both of them being likened to demons at some point when referring to their childhoods

okay one more post abt libra and gaius: i’m so sad that gaius didn’t nickname libra “angel” or smthn similar. god

(reads the second part of libra and gaius’s harvest scramble supports over again) (lies on th ground)